Monday, December 28, 2009

Ian's hockey jersey quilt


Quilting and Hockey. Two passions by two different sets of people in two different geographies. Jo Ellen in the Northeast and we in the Southwest. But passions none the less. Let me add in an incredibly talented son (the owner of these jerseys), a sister who is also a hockey nut and we have a winning combination!

Jo Ellen from New Jersey found us through our brother's wife's brother's wife's friend (don't you just love networking!) and had us take her son Ian's hockey jerseys, add in a truly beautiful and meaningful bible verse and turn all that into a memory quilt. Each square is a super large 16 inches because hockey jerseys need to be oversized in order to handle all the required protective gear. We put it together using his preferred colors and quilted it with our APQSMillennium longarm quilting machine.

While I was celebrating my niece's college graduation in New York, I decided to meet up with Jo Ellen to give her the quilt. I dragged along my NY sister who is also the Mom of a talented hockey player and we met up in early December. As soon as I introduced the 'hockey moms' to each other, I was quickly left in the dark since they began to speak a foreign language all about hockey.

But as soon as their attention turned to the quilt, all the love, respect, admiration and pride in her son came out in the form of tears of joy. Jo Ellen was deeply affected by how the quilt turned out, with its embroidered bible verse as the center square.

The number 4 is Ian's preferred team number and the 'Cs' indicate that he has been the captain of his teams. His Mom also told us that as just a sophomore in high school, Ian has already been accepted into a northeast university because of his hockey talents.

This was a Christmas present for Ian but it turned out to be a Christmas gift for us all. We had the joy of the creation of this quilt, the privilege of working with a lovely, gracious and generous Mom, Jo Ellen, and the voyeuristic pleasure of 'meeting' an up and coming hockey talent. And I had the fun of having my NY sister, Mary Ellen, along to share in the adventure. Wonderful all around!